Everest By Golden Cup

Our journey commenced within a family enterprise equipped with merely four injection molds. Specializing in the production of a diverse array of plastic products, our portfolio includes household essentials such as food containers, sets, baskets, buckets, cloth hangers, and dustbins, all meticulously crafted under our proprietary brand, "GOLDEN CUP." Additionally, we take pride in our sub-brand, "EVEREST," dedicated to cooler box items. Embracing global collaborations, we extend a warm invitation for OEM orders worldwide.

Phithaksakorn is strategically advancing with unwavering focus in the international market, participating actively in trade. Our products are seamlessly integrated into both international trade channels, catering to small retailers across provinces, as well as establishing a presence in renowned modern trade entities like MAKRO, HOME PRO, LOTUS’S and more. This strategic approach has cultivated a robust customer base, exceeding 200 clients nationwide.